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Those Who Complain of Adversity

In Exodus and Numbers we read of God’s delivering His people out of the slavery of Egypt. As the people are trekking through the wilderness they begin a pattern of complaining. In Numbers 11 we see one such incident. Scripture says that “the people became like those who complain of adversity.” [1]
We see in this passage that the people were recounting their lives in Egypt as though they were in club med. Oh, we had such good food to eat and it was all free! [2]
Wow, what a terrible memory we humans have. If they had stopped to consider the reality of the lives that God had delivered them from they would have remembered their slavery and abuse. Their meals weren’t free and neither were they. The food they so fondly remembered eating was the food of the common people; the impoverished. But Psalms tells us that what God was feeding them in the wilderness was the bread of angels![3]This was food that God provided while they slept. While they were unaware God was working to make sure His peo…

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