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Firsthand by Ryan and Josh Shook
Firsthand deals with replacing secondhand religion with a faith that is your own, a firsthand faith. Secondhand religion is the religion that you accept as your own but it really belongs to someone else and has been passed down to you either by parents or teachers. You accept and believe things because someone else does. The book firsthand challenges you to look at what you believe and build a relationship with Christ for yourself.
I really believe this book is necessary. There are so many young people who are questioning whether the church or God are relevant in their lives. They are living the Christian life on shaky ground because they do not have a faith of their own. They have a faith that is borrowed from someone else. They will eventually find (read more...)

The Jesus Mission by Steven K. Scott
Steven K. Scott, Author of The Greatest Words Ever Spoken, gives us yet another compelling work in his most recent book The Jesus Mission published by Waterbrook Press.

Scott's book The Jesus Mission teaches us that Jesus came to earth with specific missions he had to accomplish in order to save the world. Twenty-seven of them in fact and each one accomplished! It then compels us to take up and accomplish the four missions that he assigned to each of us.

It was my great pleasure to read and review this book. Steven K. Scott does a great job of using scripture at every turn in the book. This is not a book of mere opinion but rather a book that shows us scripture and challenges us to (read more...)

Suprised by Oxford by Carolyn Webber

An agnostic turned Christian...this is Surprised by Oxford.  Can God get through to even the most non-trusting of souls?  Is there such a thing in this world as a genuine Christian?  Does God really care? These are all questions that Carolyn Weber asked on her journey to discover her need for Christ.

Carolyn Weber is a beautiful writer.  I thoroughly enjoyed her wonderful use of language and her descriptive sense of style.  The people and places were so vividly described I could almost taste the scones and feel the cool British rain on my face.  This book was an absolute joy to read.  There were times when I almost could not put it down.  What a treat!
Her story is sadly one with which all too many people can relate.  Surprised by Oxford is the story of an absentee father, an emotionally and financially struggling mother, and a young girl who had hardened her heart to God and love.  I enjoyed experiencing God's sense of humor throughout this book as He used anything and everything to get Carolyn's attention - even street signs.  I appreciated how transparent she was (read more...)