Seven Mile Miracle by Steven Furtick

Seven Mile Miracle by Steven Furtick takes an in depth look at the meaning and significance of the last 7 phrases uttered by Jesus Christ from the cross. 

Furtick takes readers on a 7 mile journey through the last phrases of Jesus on the cross in parallel with the risen Christ’s conversation with the two disciples that traveled to Emmaus after hearing the news of Christ’s resurrection but failing to believe. Mile by mile you as the reader will discover pieces of your own journey in tandem with the journey of the two disciples on the Emmaus road. Furtick shows us how each phrase Christ uttered holds great significance for all Christians throughout time. They are just as relevant for believers today as that were on the day of His crucifixion.

One significant point for me in this book was woven throughout the book just as we find it in God’s Word; the command of “Follow Me.” Furtick points out that those in Christ are not just believers, disciples, or even Christian. Another point that is brought out in the book is that these two on the road to Emmaus were together when they are joined by Christ. Notice they are talking and discussing when Jesus joins their conversation. Furtick shows us that while we are each called to follow Jesus for ourselves we cannot follow Him by ourselves. "You spiritual success will only be as strong as your support system." (Seven Mile Miracle, Steven Furtick, p.73) We are from beginning to end to be followers (together) and it is only through following that we can be believers, disciples and Christians. 

Seven Mile Miracle is an interesting perspective on the 7 last phrases that Jesus uttered to His followers from the cross. While this book is an easy read it is still challenging enough in content to encourage the reader to think deeper or differently about their Christian walk.

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.